What GMAT students are saying...

"The Quantitative and Verbal teachers were incredibly helpful. Improved my GMAT score from 580 on the pre-test to 660 on the post-test. Definitely worth the investments, as I got a $25,000 scholarship to Notre Dame."
—Abel B.

"I took BYU's GMAT prep course, and it was amazingly helpful. The prep course was great because it allowed me some guaranteed time to prepare for the test each week. The instructors knew all the tricks of the test that you wouldn't be able to pick up by just reading test prep books. BYU's test prep course, along with my own personal study, allowed me to improve my score by over 150 points."
—Carlos Z.

"The GMAT preparation course has given me comprehensive and thorough strategies to master the GMAT! I can't say more than enough about the quality of teaching. The instructors bring a high level of understanding to class, and I can approach each teacher with any tough questions, and have those tough questions answered."
—Michelle L.

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