What MCAT students are saying...

“I took the MCAT prep course. I LOVED it! My first practice test score was not very good. I just got my official test score back and it was 17 points higher than my first practice test! I am so grateful for this prep course. Also, the price of the course includes all books. The Kaplan MCAT books are excellent, and you get a bunch more AAMC online resources too.”
—Austin H.

“No other MCAT prep course will give you more for your money than BYU MCAT prep. BYU MCAT prepared me with all the tools and materials I needed, and I was able to score in the 99th percentile (score: 522) on the MCAT. If you're looking for an alternative to the overpriced MCAT prep courses on the market, look no further than BYU MCAT prep.”
—Preston A.

“I really liked working through BYU's MCAT test prep. I liked how it was taught by professors who have all of the materials necessary to give us the information. I feel like it helped me prepare for the MCAT in a structured environment that will help me succeed!”
—Sydney B.

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